Tolkien Camp 2010.

The Hungarian Tolkien Society (MTT) is currently organising its eighth summer camp from 22 July – 1 August 2010 (for foreigners 28 July - 1 August), where everybody is welcome who has an interest for the world created by Tolkien.

"Darkness crept back into the forests of the world.
Rumor grew of a Shadow in the East.
Whispers of a nameless fear."

About the camp in general

Showing the beauties of Middle-earth through a first-hand experience of creative activities has been an objective of the camps of the Hungarian Tolkien Society for years. The participants traditionally share a link of desires reaching beyond the dreary everyday reality. Throughout the days spent together, the joint activities bring close human relationships and unequalled small communities of young people.

The location of the camp: Szanticska, a village in the county Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén (North Hungary) consisting of 19 houses altogether.
The time of the camp: 22 July – 1 August 2010.
              For foreigners: 28 July – 1 August 2010.

This time the camp is to last for 11 days (for foreigners: 5 days), and due to the special programs and the greater number of expected participants, instead of a traditional, secluded camp-site, it is to take place in one of the smallest settlements in Hungary, in the renovated peasant houses and community buildings of a picturesque holiday village. (The whole settlement is to belong to us.) Google map>>

About the story

Our summer camp programs are traditionally linked by a story, which this time will take participants to the Third Age Fairvill in the Wilderlands.

“Wilderland is a strange and wild country – characterised by constant movement, change, struggles heroic and vile, and the many-faced storms of history. About the thousandth year of the Third Age, a Shadow crept over its vast forest, which has been called Mirkwood ever since. Its vicinity is inhabited by countless folks, strongly dependent on one another, therefore a lively trade has evolved between them. An important factor in this is the Great Fair, held in a small village, and being the only meeting point for the most diverse cultures.

Rumour has it that the next Great Fair to come would be even more special than usual, therefore the peoples of the Wilderland are preparing for it with curiousity greater than ever, and the country is posessed by an atmosphere of extraordinary anticipation…"

About the program

Like in previous years, instructive programs, outdoor, creative and handicraft activities, stage productions, team games, joint singing and campfires await the future residents of the camp.

Besides getting familiar with the world of Middle-earth, the residents can try their hands at countless creative activites (both individually and in teams). This year, apart from the usual occupations (art, music, dance etc.), we would like to offer new possibilities (eg. demonstrations by local artisans – smithy, pottery – special sports games, etc.).


You can take lodging in beautifully renovated peasant houses or tents. There are rooms for 4-8 people, with separate bathroom & toilet for each house and a separate shower unit for the tent-dwellers.

We cannot provide the equipment needed for staying in a tent (tent, sleeping mat, sleeping bag); the campers have to take care of those themselves.

The house-dwellers receive all the necessary equipment (blanket, pillow, linen).


Abundant meals three times a day, including a hot lunch. Supplementary cold food at nights (bread with butter/lard).

It is possible to get vegetarian food, but it costs some extra money.

On the day of the arrival dinner is provided. On the last day there will be breakfast and lunch.


- in house: 75 euro
- in tent: 70 euro

Vegetarian food: +3 euro

The price includes accomodation and full catering (1 hot and 2 cold meals a day), and covers all the costs related to the programs. These prices are equal to the prices of the supporting members of the Hungarian Tolkien Society, not the whole price! :-)


You are asked to arrive on the 28th July (Wednesday) between 4 - 8 p.m. We can help you to plan your journey if you need. If you come by public transport (e.g. train and coach from Budapest), on the return journey (on the 1st August, Sunday 3 p.m.) you can join to our rented bus to Budapest for 7 euro.


You can pay on the day of your arrival.


You can apply via Internet by filling the form below:

Application form >>



15 June 2010.

More information: mtttabor 'at' tolkien 'dot' hu










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