In the second round our competitors had to show their knowledge in chronology, geography and tengwar. Of course there were also new quests for those who choose not to neglect the Creative tasks. To be a child again, for example. Interesting solutions later, now to the results!


The best scores achieved in the second round:
I. Eimeria: 64
II. Mirach: 63
III. Eruantalon: 37

But this time there is quite a big difference if you count only the Quiz part!

The results in the "Quiz" of the second round are:
I. Eruantalon
II. Nairalin
III. Eimeria
4. Mirach
5. Mirwa
6. Laurel

Nobody choose to do only the "Creative" part this time, but of those who solved all of the tasks, Mirach is the winner of the Creative section in the second round.

And the best scores of the first two rounds together makes another order again:
I. Mirach
II. Eimeria
III. Mirwa

So, nothing is decided yet... three more rounds to come! (One for us to invent, two for the competitors to solve, three for us to score.)

Also, we received an unusually late application from Russia, so hope to have a new competitor for the last two rounds! :)